World Anaesthesia Day on 16 October

We are asking all Members to mark and celebrate World Anaesthesia Day on 16 October. This year WFSA members will be focusing on the issue of Occupational Wellbeing

Anaesthesiologists rank among health professionals most often affected by stress and burnout. The pivotal role that anaesthesiologists have taken in the response to COVID has added to these pressures. For World Anaesthesia Day 2020 we are calling on our members to join together to highlight the urgent need for actions and strategies to protect the health of physicians.

We need KSA members to share the techniques they use to promote and maintain their physical, mental, social and moral wellbeing.


Anaesthesiologists wellbeing is closely linked to patient safety. Many doctors fail to treat themselves with the same care they give to patients.

Self-care is a trainable skill

The WHO-WFSA International Standards for a Safe Practice of Anesthesia state that “ the most important monitor is a trained and vigilant anesthesia provider”.


Consider your wellbeing strategies

  1. Print a poster and fill with strategies.
  2. Share your tips with colleagues via social media.
  3. Talk to colleagues and ask for their ideas.
  4. Create and support the ‘wellbeing space’ in your department.
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