The Society of Anaesthesiologists of East Africa (SAEA)

The Society of Anaesthesiologists of East Africa (SAEA) was registered under the societies act (1968) on October 24th 1975.

Its first office bearers, who had applied for its registration in 1973, were:

  1. Chairman/(President): Dr. (Professor) E. M. Ayim (then Senior lecturer UON)
  2. Secretary: Dr. C.J. Coghlan (then Provincial Anaesthetist i/c, PGH-Nakuru)
  3. Treasurer: Dr. S. Ramrakha (Specialist Anaesthetist in Private practice)

The chairmanship, Annual Scientific Conferences, Annual Refresher courses were held in the three East African countries (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania) on a rotational basis. There was heavy presence of the WFSA in all the conferences during this period since the WFSA always sponsored the refresher courses.

The objectives of the Kenya Society of Anaesthesiologists were:

  • To promote and encourage the science and art of anaesthesia in Kenya
  • To arrange for and register meetings of the members of the society for scientific and social purposes
  • To recommend desirable standards for training and practice in anaesthesia
  • To establish liaison with bodies in other countries having similar interests.

These objectives were similar to those of the Society of Anaesthesiologists of East Africa (SAEA)