Another major milestone was achieved in 2013 when KSA, through proceeds from conferences and fundraising by its members, acquired office space at the KMA Centre, Upperhill, Nairobi, Kenya, at a cost of KES 8,231,034 (Appx USD 80,000). The members made voluntary contributions ranging from KES. 10,000 – 100,000 each. Special contributions of KES. 300,000 each were made by Dr. Madhu Patel and Galaxy Pharmaceuticals Limited. Previously, KSA relied on individuals who used their private offices to accommodate the secretariat. Many KSA transactions were held informally in car parks and coffee shops. Indeed, at the inception of KSA, there was total reliance on the office of the head of Department of Anaesthesia at the Kenyatta National Hospital. This office provided pro bono administrative and secretarial services to the society.