1. Full membership: any qualified medical practitioner in full-time or part-time practice of anaesthesia who has paid a membership fee of KShs. 1,000/= and continues to pay annual subscription to the society. (Currently there is NO membership fee payable but the annual subscription was increased to KShs. 5,000/= through an amendment)
  2. Associate membership: any qualified medical doctors in anaesthetic training, RCO anaesthetists or RCO in anaesthetic training who has paid a membership fee set by the society members and paying annual subscription fees set by the society. Whereas full members are entitled to vote at the meetings, associate members are not; but are encouraged to contribute to the discussions and are allowed to select one representative to sit in the Executive Committee.
  3. Corporate membership: this group includes hospitals and drug companies and are expected to pay registration and annual subscription fees.
  4. Honorary members: these are appointed/nominated at the discretion of the Executive Committee. They are not entitled to vote or hold office and are not required to pay membership or annual subscription fees.