The Kenya Society of Anaesthesiologists was registered as a society under the societies act (1968) on September 21st 1994.

The KSA logo was designed by the son of Mr. Tubei who was one of the two senior clinical officer anaesthetists assisting the office of the head of department in preparing the work schedules and duty rota in the early 1980’s and 1990’s. The other senior clinical officer was Mr. Mwakodi. The two clinical officers played a major role in ensuring adequate anaesthetic coverage of the theatres and also mentorship of both postgraduate (MMed) and postbasic (RCO) anaesthesia trainees.

The members’ needs considered when forming KSA were: Continuous Medical Education, Scientific Conferences and Social interactions. A steering committee, chaired by the late Dr. Phares Onyango Huma (R.I.P) was mandated to draft the constitution of the Kenya Society of Anaesthesiologists (KSA). He, therefore, became the interim chairman of the yet-to-be-registered Kenya Society of Anaesthesiologists. Before this, all Anaesthesiologists, Registered Clinical Officer (RCO) Anaesthetists and Nurse Anaesthetists in Kenya could only be members of The Society of Anaesthesiologists of East Africa (SAEA) which was affiliated to the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA).